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Hello, I'm Lynette Slape,
I am a Graphic Designer who designs various forms of art from web design, page layout, illustration, and logos.

About Me

I am focused on solving visual needs in many ways. These ways include UX/UI, digital, print design, and web design.


I like to put my creativity to work with pen and sketchbook along with logo design, page layout, website web design, solving problems visually in a user-friendly fashion.


Oslund Design Freelance Graphic Designer
April 2023 - Present

I was brought on to help Oslund Design's client Treco to redesign their website and create some AD design and mockups.

Ambrosia Graphic Designer
November 2022 - November 2022

Updates and creates dinner menus, and wine lists. Organizes the office with light office work that includes Excel sheets, and filing.

Hospitality Vision Current TV App Content Layout Graphic Designer
October 2021 - Present

I create and update content for apps for Hospitality Vision these apps are for hotels, lodges, and retirement facilities. This content design are ADs, postcards, MailChimp newsletter headers, flyers, and content for apps that either go on the TV in a hotel or an app a individual can download.

Bright Mind Enrichment and Schooling Volunteer Graphic & Web Design
December 2020 - Present

I update Graphic Design WordPress websites every week. I design flyers, logos for events, help with the layout for MailChimp newsletters, and business cards.

Daily Emerald Data Grahic Designer and Illustrator
September 2021 - Present

I am responsible for creating info graphics or illustrations every week published in the Daily Emerald in a group newspaper affiliated with the University of Oregon.

Local Artist Freelance Art WordPress Web Design
September 2021 - November 2021

In a four-week time frame designed and laid out an art website for artist Meredith Dalglish with three pages that include a studio, production, and a art in motion page that shows the art she creates.

Ethos Magazine Magazine Designer
August 2022 - Present

Ethos is affiliated with the University of Oregon each term I layout three spreads in the magazine.


I am focused on solving visual needs in many ways. These ways include UX/UI, digital, print design, and web design; with these tools, I solve visual needs for clients, providing them a more professional look to their professional business or project.

A Graphic Designer combining creative usability viewpoints to design web and mobile applications. Visual designer with a background in fine arts and graphic design currently earning a certificate in UX/UI from the University of Oregon, with skills in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Visual Prototyping & Wireframing, and User Interface Development. Passionate about developing digital products with cutting-edge design, with strengths in creativity, teamwork, and building projects from ideation to execution. Fine arts background, strong research skills, and eye for modern design principles make me a valuable addition to any team. Anyone who knows me sees my driven nature regarding the collaborative process by communicating with designers, developers, marketing teams, and executives to deliver outcomes that enhance the user experience across web and mobile platforms. Interviewed users and developed persona profiles in recent collaborative class projects involving the redesign of a government website. As well as adapted prototypes based on usability feedback, resulting in a more enjoyable and streamlined experience for end-users. My goal is to design valuable and creative imagery in each new project to effectively market business solutions and increase brand awareness.

  • Graphic Design

    I have experience in both web and print design proficient in designing promotional material with software that include Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. This material includes logos, page-layout, flyers, business cards, web design, wordpress updates, WordPress design, and more.

  • Page-Layout

    I design and updated page layout for children's books. I update book layouts. Also, I design spreads for magazines.

  • Illustrations

    I create illustrations that are published weekly in the Daily Emerald a school newspaper affiliated with the University of Oregon. Also, I publish illustrations created for Ethos magazine also affiliated with the University of Oregon.

  • WordPress/Web Design

    I design with tools that may includes HTML/CSS or layout content with block elements in WordPress. I update various WordPress websites some businesses include nonprofits to small local business websites. Some of the this design include layout, text, logos, and photos.

  • Data Graphics

    I create data graphics weekly for a group school newspaper the Daily Emerald affiliated with the University of Oregon.

  • App Content Graphic Design

    I design and update content for apps for Hospitality Vision every week this may include promo ads, flyers, package design, business cards, and more.


A selection of recent projects I have worked on.

Cranial Sacral Soluntion Website

WordPress Design

Project Link

In a few weeks I designed a WordPress website for Cranial Sacral Solution with 5 pages an about, testimonials, homepage, Q&A, and Contact page. Used: WordPress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

Craniel Sacral Solution Promotional Material

Logo, Flyer, and business card design

Project Link

I also designed a logo, business card, and flyer to go with the website to promote the Cranial Sacral Solution website.


Ethos Magazine

Project Link

I created an illustration for Ethos magazine for an online publication affiliated with the University of Oregon.

Book Layout Design

Freelance Project

Project Link

Laid out 32 pages with photo stock photos and text for chidren’s book project called Friend’s of the Wolf by Robert Young, local author.

Data Graphci

Daily Emerald

Project Link

I create published data graphics weekly for the Daily Emerald a newspaper group affiliated with the University of Oregon

Published Illustration

Daily Emerald

Project Link

I create publish illustration weekly for the Daily Emerald a newspaper group affiliated with the University of Oregon

Corvallis Explorer App

App Content Layout Design

Project Link

I layout content for Hospitality Vision's apps Corvallis Explorer being one of these apps and design promotional material to promote these apps.

"Working with Lynette on my website was a pleasure. She was very attentive, and it seemed like she was always there to make changes for me quickly as I needed them. It's was a big job to build my website. She has the tools and skills needed to get it done. She worked with me on my budget for the project and went above and beyond to help me complete it. I highly recommend her services.""

Author image Cole Ray Cranial Sacral Solution

"Lynette's work was exceptional. She was always quick to respond to inquiries and produced excellent results in a remarkably short amount of time. Her ability to understand and follow my vision while offering her own knowledge and insight was invaluable. I would not hesitate to work with her again on future projects.""

Author image Robert Hill Owner, Great Departures

"I found Lynette to be highly motivated and eager to get work done in a timely and efficient manner. She was cooperative, flexible, and willing to take direction and suggestions. I recommend her."

Author image Robert Young Writer, Local Author

"One of the services she provides is logo design. She created a new BME logo because we needed a simpler version that was more compelling. BME frequently needs all three of our projects’ logos combined for external and promotional materials, which she has worked on. Lynette also created the Vaccination Rewards logo, for BME’s vaccination project. It was designed to show the American flag in Adobe Photoshop through creating a mask clipping with a photograph of an American flag over a font. That project has reached up to 65 million people and was featured on CBS and ABC. Lynette does consistently great work for BME."

Author image Craig Kaufman Executive Director, Bright Mind Enrichment and Schooling

"I have been working with Lynette for one year now, and she is fantastic.  Our graphics require creativity and a quick turnaround, and she can provide both.  She is talented and reliable. She has designed for mobile and TV digital displays. We highly recommend her skills."

Author image Marti Staprans Barlow Owner, Hospitality Vision