Lynette Slape

I am a passionate Illustrator. I always had a unique way of expressing myself through drawing pictures. Now, I can represent my client with typography design by choosing a typeface that conveys who my client is as a person or a company. I have a passion for designing content by designing the space in the layout with typography such as magazine layout, packaging design, logo design, branding, and web design. I want to be a professional graphic designer so I can design and illustrate content by reading the story first. A few drawing tools such as the mesh tool, pen tool, and the brush tool in Adobe Illustrator are a few of my favorite design tools. These tools allow me to draw on the computer as I can draw on paper with a pen. I have a keen ability to brainstorm creative ideas through my drawing skill with thumbnails and later move to the computer to produce the finished product. I meet deadlines. Clients will enjoy getting to know me, because of my positive attitude along with my willingness to work hard. I have a graphic design degree. I graduated from the graphic design program at Lane Community College June 2016. This program has a design sequence where we learn how to put our ideas to work with Adobe design tools, a production sequence where we learn how to use all design tool affectionately, and a mini web design sequence where we learn HTML5/CSS3 in an advanced web design class. I am graduating with an art degree from the University of Oregon winter 2019.